Thank you so much for considering me to read and review your novel!  Further inquiries can be made by reaching me at my email address,   I use a star rating system with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. All reviews will be posted here on my blog as well as Instagram, Twitter, Goodreads and Netgalley.  If I agree to review your work, please know that I will post my honest opinion of your book.  That being said, all reviews will be conducted in a courteous and professional manner.  I am currently working with an author on a book launch for her latest project, and I am really enjoying that opportunity.  I am open to pursuing other book promotion avenues with authors and agents as well. While I prefer a hardback or paperback version of your novel to work with, e-books are acceptable.   I reserve the right to decline any review request.  Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any further questions.  (image cred. via Pinterest).

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