How To Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell

NO MA’AM.  I am 40% in to this book and I cannot bear to finish it. How To Murder Your Life is a story of massive drug consumption, binge eating/purging and the author attempting to hold down a job in the fashion industry while cycling through her destructive behavior.    I was hoping for an insider look at the fashion/beauty industry as well as her story of how she overcame her demons and struggles with addiction.   Unfortunately, all I got was a run down of what pill Cat’s taking, how many pills she’s taking, which doctor she is currently conning into writing her new scripts and how much she wants a boyfriend.  Throw in a few paragraphs on sorting beauty closets at fashion magazines and occasionally being in the same room with Anna Wintour and you have the book.  Or at least the 10 chapters that I made it through.

The amount of drugs that this young, teeny tiny girl puts in to her body on a daily basis is astounding — that she is even alive is somewhat miraculous.  Cat comes across as shallow and vapid and the whole story did nothing for me.  I did not empathize with her at all, in fact I was fairly disgusted.  I think it was extremely sad that she seemed bent on throwing everything away time and time again and that she ruined every good opportunity that she was presented with.  1 Sad Sad Star.

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