Beth Moore Book Club Streaming Live Jan. 20

I have been a huge fan of Beth Moore’s for almost 20 years now.   I have participated in just about every bible study she has written and the women in my family get together and attend her conferences whenever she is in the states of Texas, Louisiana or Alabama.   There is just something about her. She possesses the rare ability to endear herself to her audience with her humbleness, her authenticity and her kindness in a world that is so consumed with self-absorption and overexposure.  If you have ever had the privilege of hearing her speak then I don’t have to tell you that girlfriend HAS GOT A GIFT.   Her fire and passion for the Word of God is an incredible thing to witness and I always end up feeling completely equipped to face life and whatever it throws my way after I attend one of her speaking engagements.  So when I saw that she had written her first fiction novel I COULD NOT WAIT for it to be released.  Look at this cover! Gorgeous!  When I found out that she was coming to Baton Rouge for a book signing, I dropped everything and stood in line for over an hour for a chance to meet her.   I am thankful that one of the sweet ladies on her team was there to take pictures because it was  such a complete fan girl moment for me that I don’t remember a lot of it.   I had gum in my mouth (because who wants to meet Beth Moore with bad breath?) and forgot to spit it out, so there’s that.  When it was finally my turn to get my book signed, Beth gave me the biggest hug of my life.

Before you judge me and ask why am I not giving her a full hug back as seen in the picture, you need to know that I had not 1, not 2, but 5 books in my bag that I am holding which I had purchased for her to sign for friends and family members of mine.   When I scrolled back through all the pictures that her team member had taken with my phone I was thrilled to see that she had captured Beth’s expression the exact moment when I told her how many books I had for her to sign.

I absolutely love this!  I proceeded to talk 100 miles an hour because I was so nervous but also because I wanted to convey to her how much I admired her work and how it has impacted my life over the years.  I held up the line for about 15 minutes but it was completely worth it.   Her book club meets January 20 in New Orleans to discuss her novel, The Undoing of Saint Silvanus.  I am a sucker for any book based in New Orleans and plan to read it in the upcoming week so it will be fresh on my mind for the live stream event.  If you are interested in participating in the online book club event on the 2oth, please go to  for more information.

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