Becoming One of Cara’s Cronies

Have you ever come across something and once you have finished reading it you are fully aware that that person has an undeniable gift?  That their writing was so moving, authentic and powerful that you immediately think “I have to tell other people about this woman”.  That is how I feel about Cara Sue Achterberg.  I began following her on Twitter last year and from there discovered her blogs.  Cara is a writer, a wife, a mama, a farmer, a cowgirl and a dog foster mom.  She’s smart, funny as hell and the real deal.  Her blogs offer a refreshing, honest look at day to day life and I can not get enough of them.  So when I received her March newsletter asking for people interested in joining her tribe and assisting in spreading the word about her upcoming novel,  I JUMPED at the opportunity.  Her new book “Practicing Normal” will be out in June and is already available for request on NetGalley.  Jacquelyn Mitchard (as in The Deep End of the Ocean) had high praise saying “Cara Sue Achterberg has given us a smart story that is both a window and a mirror, about the extraordinary pain – and the occasional gifts – of an ordinary life”.  I am beyond excited to be one of Cara’s Cronies and I encourage you to go check out her blog at and request her book on Netgalley.

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